WondAros is one of Denmark's first female barbershop choruses and the only one in Jutland! We are an ambitious women's chorus consisting of 25-30 singers from Aarhus and its surroundings. Our repertoire ranges from older barbershop classics to newer modern songs arranged in the barbershop style for women's choruses. Barbershop music originates from the USA, and the genre has seen a resurgence in Denmark in recent years. Originally sung by men, barbershop has thankfully expanded to include women's choruses, men's choruses, and mixed choruses. The barbershop genre is a fun and playful one, and we sing music that is lightly choreographed in the spirit of the style.

WondAros was created by Charlotte Rowan in 2019. She served as the choir's conductor until 2022 when she passed the baton to barbershop enthusiast Søren Kongsgaard Detlefsen. Søren holds a degree in musicology from Aarhus University and has been singing barbershop music for 8 years.

SNOBS 2023 – ‘This could be the start of something big’ og ‘How deep is the ocean’

WondAros – Danish Women’s Barbershop Chorus