Who are we?

WondAros is a female barbershop chorus. We are an ambitious choir consisting of 25-30 singers from Aarhus and its surrounding areas. Our repertoire spans widely from older barbershop classics to newer music such as musical classics, Disney songs, and pop and folk music rearranged into barbershop arrangements.

WondAros sings arrangements with a traditional barbershop voice distribution. We sing in four parts, divided from highest to lowest, and here's an overview of the roles of each voice in the chorus.

The lead voice sings the melodies, positioned above the baritone and bass but below the tenor. The lead group's foremost task is to convey the stories in our songs and ensure that we always hear the melodies. The lead group is the voice group with the most members in the chorus. Below, you can see our talented lead group.

The brightest voice group in the barbershop genre is the tenor group. The tenor voice sits at the top above the melody, singing the very delicate and bright tones in the chords. Here is our talented tenor group!

All strong choirs require a solid foundation, and in WondAros, our bass group serves as the choir's strong foundation. The bass group sings all the deepest tones, creating the foundation for the chords and harmonies. Here are our talented basses!

The final voice group is the baritone group. Baritones sing the middle tones in the chords and enjoy all the quirky intervals and nuanced tones in the chords. The baritone group sings both deep tones like the basses but also ventures up to sing the lead and even the bright tones of the tenor now and then. Here are our cool baritones!

The choir is led by Søren Detlefsen. Søren has been singing barbershop music for 8 years, including in the award-winning male barbershop chorus BarbAros. Additionally, he has sung in various barbershop quartets. He has studied musicology and English at Aarhus University. He also composes his own barbershop arrangements – some of which are already in our repertoire!

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